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Tamper Evident Box Security Tape

Tamper Evident Box Security Tape

Box Security Tape With Hidden Red Void Message

Tamper Evident Security tape is made with highly visible printing on the top surface as a warning to pilferage. The Security Tape provides a clear ‘VOID’ message on the application when it has been tampered with. Our Security Tape is cold resistant to -40 Degrees, Celsius and is impossible to re-seal once lifted from the surface. Our Security Tape will ensure your packaging meets TSA regulations.

Tamper Evident Security Tape by Mega Fortris Europe can be fully customised to match your needs. You can have a custom void message and custom printing is also available.

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The security tape leaves a permanent residue on the surface layer of cargo crates, pallets and cartons. It can be used on metal, plastic, cardboard, glass, wood, painted metal and more. Essentially the tape provides an extra level of security that provides a clear, visual indication of tampering.

Who is the Security Tape for? 

Designed for all aircraft flying to the United States of America aiding in the secure movement of people and goods across US borders, and to comply with current federal laws.

The security tape is approved by the TSA – CCSF.

The security tape is an economical solution due to its low cost,  protecting cargo integrity during shipping and handling is at an affordable price.


Download Datasheet

Download Tamper Evident Box Tape Datasheet