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Why pay extra for a premium seal?

The market for security seals is so saturated now that many organisations have been in bidding wars and many consumers have resorted to purchasing cheap low quality seals. We at Mega Fortris are very proud at the quality of the security seals we manufacture and believe we are here to cater for organisations who would like to secure their goods at a reasonable price and receive a high quality security seal. We believe many organisations have become so caught up…

Why Use High Security Seals?

In business today the need to earn money and the greed to maximise profit is rapidly reaching higher grounds, there is also an on-going fear of losing it. It is important that we put measures in place to protect our property and our assets to ensure good business practices with customers. High Security Seals are essential for providing the highest level of security for loss prevention. However the user knowledge of what a high security seal is and its application…